Lean / Business Mapping

Broken processes cause significant cost in labor, service, and quality.  We will work with to help eliminate waste in your manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment or other functions in your organization helping to eliminate non-value-added steps in each process.

Operational Assessments

Having experience in both senior management and consulting allows for a strategic and holistic approach to your operations.  Whether you are looking for some quick wins or a longer term approach, our process will result in savings for your company.  This can also include benchmarking of your processes.

Developing Master Plans

Whether you are looking at manufacturing or distribution, a long term plan is essential for your success.  We can help build that master plan to determine what you need to do now, tomorrow and in the future.

Facility Design

Facility designs whether new or an existing require significant expertise to make this successful.  Equipment requirements for manufacturing and distribution including the layout, determination of material handling equipment and workstation requirements must each be studied to maximize the investment.  We have experience in both new and existing redesigns and can drive the project from start to finish.

Multi-Channel distribution

Today's distribution requires the ability to focus on all of your channels for sales.  Whether e-commerce, wholesale, retail, or any combination of these requires expertise on how to move product through the facility and into the most effective transportation mode.  We have that expertise in each of these areas and can help you improve service, better quality and reduce your costs or allow you to grow with your current resources.

Project Management

Project and program management can often be the difference between a project being successful or being a failure.  In order to mitigate risk, control costs and assure success, a project manager should be assigned.  We have the required skills, resources and bandwidth to help your project be successful.

Material Handling and Automation Design

We are your resource for your automation and material handling projects in the warehouse and manufacturing areas.  We have no supplier bias and can lead your project from design to install.  Through our proven approach, we can develop a system that is going to result in reduced costs, improved profitability, enhanced service, better quality and the best return on investment.


Whether you are looking to buy new warehousing software or better use what you have.  We can help you.  We have been involved in Warehouse management, warehouse controls for your equipment and warehouse executions system installs and can help you manage through the change.  We also understand how slotting can be a major impact to your operation and can help there also

Change Management

Change is difficult. ... Unless we proactively support and guide people through the changes our projects bring, we leave them embracing change to chance. Change management removes the chance from change by providing employees with the preparation, support and skills they need to succeed in change.  We can guide your organization through this process and make you successful.

3PL Evaluation and Selection

There are times when you realize that your core competency is not in doing the distribution and logistics and that outsourcing this is the best option.  We can assist in the evaluation, selection and transition to a 3PL or 4PL.If you are just needing an analysis of your transportation systems both inbound and outbound, we can help there too.


We are supply chain experts and can help determine your needs and have access to resources that can finance all of your needs including: Real Estate, Integration, Software and Systems, Material Handling Equipment and Packaging Equipment and systems.  This can be accomplished with projects ranging from small equipment upgrades to a complete new facilities and everything in between

Supply Chain Consulting

Operations and supply chains are rapidly changing with pressure on each step from sourcing to customer delivery.  This function is a key competitive differentiator and must be done effectively.  By doing this well, better service, improved quality, lower cost and customer satisfaction is the result.  We can support your company improvements by looking at key components including people, processes, systems, facilities and equipment and provide a holistic solution.