Riedel Operations Consulting's expertise has centered on operating companies that manufacture and/or distribute products in the wholesale, retail and ecommerce world.  We have helped clients implement leading supply chain execution systems; cost, service, and quality warehouse and distribution operations, lean manufacturing operations, total quality management tools and cultures and software solutions.

We are highly experienced and senior management consultants who focus on improving your operations.  We will always vies your organization holistically as there is a cause and effect with every area approached.  We have a proven methodology that will examine your business strategy, provide a financial evaluation, develop performance benchmarks, and focus on improving service, quality and profitability.  We have a do it right the 1st time/touch it only to add value as a core business value.

We have experience in the wholesale, retail and ecommerce in manufacturing and distribution and have been involved with a myriad of industries. We are committed to make you succeed. Projects can be as small as a quick study where we will analyze your situation to an entirely new facility with the related moves.  We are your consulting choice to create solutions to achieve operational excellence.