Consult League

Riedel Operations Consulting is a Principal in the organization.

Consultleague was formed to help business become more competitive. This goal is met by senior, experienced personnel who advise in the effective application of technology to gain a competitive advantage. Consultleague's founding principle and difference is a commitment to help its clients derive competitive advantage from every investment. Consultants are too often risk averse, recommending only proven solutions--solutions that are already addressing similar requirements for a client's competitors. This provides a high consultant "success" rate. Unfortunately, this approach virtually prohibits the client's success, who, after making the recommended investments, finds themselves "in the running" but never "in the lead".  

For a Business to deliver durable competitive advantage requires designers to be conversant with emerging technology, have a depth of experience in implementation (preferably from the perspectives of user and project manager) and sound project management abilities. The typical project requires a cross-section of various expertises. Traditionally, consulting organizations are limited to applying uncommitted internal resource … often resulting in a mismatch of project needs and team capabilities.  The challenge of delivering competitive advantage demands an approach that does not have these inherent limitations. A new approach is required.

Consultleague provides the new approach. Consultleague is an affiliation of independent consultants (often the principal of their own consulting group) which provides members access to a broad range of talents and support services. This enables Consultleague members to form teams rapidly and with skills tailored to a client's unique needs. The teams are senior, motivated and bring a wide background of experiences to draw upon.  This approach breaks through limits and equips Consultleague to support clients in the process of Creating Competitive Advantage.